Physics department, Cornerstone launch physics PLTL program

Washington University’s physics department and Cornerstone will launch a Peer Led Team Learning program for introductory physics students this semester.

Kathleen White | Staff Reporter

Students petition against WU’s decision to move physics library

Student Union, with help from Washington University’s student-run Physics Club, passed a resolution demanding that the University maintain or increase the current size of the Pfeiffer Physics Library in its upcoming renovations Dec. 5.

| Contributing Reporter

Letter to the Editor: Statement by physics department faculty

We strongly disagree with the thoughts expressed by Jonathan Katz in his April 16, 2017 op-ed contribution to Student Life.

24 physics faculty members

Letter to the Editor: In response to op-ed Landman and Holloway April 20, 2017

I provided references for my statements about the reliability of published, peer-reviewed studies in my submission to Student Life, but Student Life chose not to print them. Here they are:

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

Op-ed submission: Response to Jonathan Katz

How dare Professor Jonathan Katz minimize the very real experiences of my nonwhite or nonmale colleagues who have braved incredible obstacles and curmudgeonly old professors—Katz most certainly included—to come to and thrive at Washington University.

Dick Powis | PhD candidate, anthropology

Op-ed submission: New evidence in light of recent op-ed battle

Studies have shown that Jonathan Katz may, in fact, be a steaming pile of trash.

Elaine Emmerich and Xandi Barrett | Class of 2017

Physics students discuss department’s ongoing lack of women

Washington University’s physics department currently employs zero tenured or tenure-track women faculty, a statistic emblematic of the department’s gender disparity in both the number of students and professors.

| Staff Reporter

Thanks Magnus: Physics defines softball’s signature pitch

If you ever have a free afternoon, head over to the softball field on the west end of the South 40. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or windy or a little wet—suck it up because you’re going to witness something neat. With any luck, you’ll see her, Annie Pitkin, the righty ace of the Washington University softball team who’s earned her title utilizing a pitch that’s unique to her sport: the rise ball.

| Senior Sports Editor

Physics Department hires male alligator over female candidates

In an effort to increase species diversity, the physics department announced on Wednesday that 18-foot-long alligator John Goodman will be hired as the department’s newest faculty member.

Cootie Mucus | Senior Salami Editor

An open letter from physics

The Washington University physics department recognized the need for action and convened an emergency faculty meeting regarding the publications. The department formed a Workplace Climate and Diversity Committee to spearhead department-wide efforts at reform, not only to properly react to past allegations but to proactively improve departmental climate for the future.

The Physics Department Workplace Climate and Diversity Committee