Physics department offers faculty position to female postdoc for fall 2018 semester

Washington University’s physics department made an offer to Maria Piarulli.

Jessica Bigley | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed submission: Diversity in the physics department

Over the course of the past month, a member of our physics department has taken to the columns of Student Life to opine on the place of diversity and women in physics. His polemic engendered quite the furor, and, in such light, we recognized the need to make clear to the Washington University community and beyond our explicit goals for rectifying the department’s lack of diversity.

The Physics Department Workplace Climate and Diversity Committee Members

Letter to the Editor: In response to op-ed Landman and Holloway April 20, 2017

I provided references for my statements about the reliability of published, peer-reviewed studies in my submission to Student Life, but Student Life chose not to print them. Here they are:

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

Op-ed submission: Response to Jonathan Katz

How dare Professor Jonathan Katz minimize the very real experiences of my nonwhite or nonmale colleagues who have braved incredible obstacles and curmudgeonly old professors—Katz most certainly included—to come to and thrive at Washington University.

Dick Powis | PhD candidate, anthropology

Op-ed submission: New evidence in light of recent op-ed battle

Studies have shown that Jonathan Katz may, in fact, be a steaming pile of trash.

Elaine Emmerich and Xandi Barrett | Class of 2017

ArtSci releases letter responding to controversial op-eds in Student Life, reaffirming commitment to inclusion

The College of Arts & Sciences released an open letter reaffirming its commitment to policies of diversity and inclusion Thursday, placing special emphasis on applying these policies to the physics department—which currently has received criticism no tenured or tenured-track female professors.

| Senior News Editor

Op-ed submission: Response to Jonathan Katz’s April 16 Submission

I don’t have much of a place commenting on the status of discrimination in the physics department as a student in another department, so I’m not going to do that with this piece.

Joshua Landman, Rachael Holloway | Class of 2017

Op-ed submission: In response to April 13 article

“Studies have shown” without bibliographic details has no weight as evidence; Jen McLish does this twice in her article.

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

The case of the missing women: A physics department mystery

We may never know why there are so few women in the physics department. It’s one of life’s great unanswerable questions, like “what is the meaning of life?” and “how does Professor Katz still have a job?”

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

Letter to the Editor

My wife was a student (undergraduate and graduate) and research staff member of the physics department for about a decade and did not find it an “uncomfortable place for women.”

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics