ThurtenE mixes nostalgia with modern tech

Although this year’s ThurtenE theme centered on the past and nostalgia of the event, the carnival saw new developments, with ThurtenE Honorary releasing a mobile app to guide visitors. This year’s theme, “Endless Discovery: Explore the Tradition,” was intended to remind attendees of the history behind the oldest student-run carnival—or, as it was once known, “Younivee Surrkuss”—in the country. Although the honorary ordinarily hands out advertisement books, it introduced a smartphone application for 2014’s carnival.

Dylan Basset | Staff Reporter

Increase ThurtenE’s charitable impact

This carnival is undoubtedly one of both the nation’s oldest and the University’s most treasured traditions. It is a fun event that brings the University together with its alumni and the St. Louis community at large. It is also meant to be a philanthropic endeavor that benefits a St. Louis non-profit long after the facades disappear. In recent years, however, the charitable emphasis of ThurtenE has taken a backseat to facade building.

Confusion crippled ice cream fundraiser

The Ben & Jerry’s franchise on the Delmar Loop failed to write Dance Marathon a check for a benefit night in which student leaders say they planned and participated.

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ZBT: moustached men for charity

Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) is bringing the Children’s Miracle Network, prostate cancer and depression to the forefront of campus discussion by hosting two philanthropy events this semester.

| Senior News Editor

Wash. U. student brings philanthropy to young adults

When graduate student Jonathan Kaufman started a “giving circle” with his brother and several friends in 2007, he never expected it to grow beyond that. So when Kaufman found out that the venture, now titled the “One Percent Foundation,” won the student entrepreneur award at the Youthbridge Competition earlier this month, he saw opportunity for future expansion.

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Student groups combine sustainability and philanthropy

Known as SWAP a student-run non-profit collects and donates to charity any unwanted reusable items University students leave in their dorm room over the summer.

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