9/11 remembrance draws small but empathic crowd

While a miscommunication forced organizers to create an event from scratch in two weeks and thus led to a significantly decreased turnout from last year, students said they still found this year’s Sept. 11 memorial valuable and hope it will continue in future years.

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Introducing: Professor Peter Benson

He wakes up in the morning in an old tenement house, gets up and joins the other workers. After taking it out of the curing barn, he packages the dark aromatic tobacco into bales. In the early afternoon, once the morning dew has dissipated, he harvests the green, freshly grown tobacco in the fields, and then moves it to the curing barn for the new batch to dry.

The purpose of Controversy N’ Coffee is not aggressive retaliation

In light of your open letter to Professor Peter Benson (“A response to Peter Benson,” Oct. 2), we feel that it is necessary to state the position of Controversy n’ Coffee, as a student group dedicated to fostering dialogue in the Wash. U. community.

Mariana Oliver and Eliana Wilk

A response to Philip Christofanelli’s letter to Professor Benson

Dear Mr. Christofanelli,

I found your response to Peter Benson’s support for the University’s parenting role toward students vitriolic, hyperbolic and, ironically, utterly childish (“A response to Peter Benson,” Oct. 2). I was not able to attend the forum on the new tobacco policy, so I will take your word for it that Professor Benson was patronizing or condescending, but that does not mean that his position is entirely without merit, nor excuse the threatening tenor of your letter.

Josh Marshack

A response to Peter Benson

You went on to refer to smokers as “diseased,” but the real disease here is not my pastime, but rather your ideology, which lowers every student in this University to the state of a peon incapable of making his own decisions correctly.

| Staff Columnist

Student group lights up discussion on tobacco ban

Debate over Washington University’s tobacco ban heated up last week during the first Controversy n’ Coffee of the school year, titled “Jumping on the ‘Ban’ Wagon: A Panel Discussion on Smoking Bans.”

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