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‘Rocky Horror’ opens this weekend in Edison Theatre

“The Rocky Horror Show” will be the culmination of Washington University’s celebration of the bicentennial of Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein.” The play presents a more comedic spin on the classic tale, with newly engaged couple Brian and Janet accidentally joining the party where alien Dr. Frank-n-Furter announces his new creation: Rocky Horror, the perfect man.

Isabella Neubauer | Contributing Writer

Performing Arts Department offers free tickets for all undergraduate students

All shows sponsored by Performing Arts Department are now free for all full-time Washington University students and University College students. The department hopes that this new measure will increase attendance at student productions.

Merry May Ma | Contributing Reporter

Staff Editorial: Ticket subsidization presents opportunity for all

Washington University recently announced that, starting this semester, all Performing Arts Department (PAD) productions will be free to all undergraduate and University College students.

Performing Arts Department brings a free and vibrant season to campus

Starting this year, the Performing Arts Department’s shows are free for all full-time Washington University students. College of Arts and Sciences Dean Barbara Schaal led this initiative to make the performing arts more accessible for students.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘Kiss’ brings the metatheatrical to the Wash. U. stage

“Kiss,” a play by Guillermo Calderon, revealed the hidden lives of those in war-torn Syria.

Katie Bry | Contributing Writer

‘Urinetown’ showcases student talent, forbodes of future trouble

Kicking off Parents’ Weekend with the opening night of “Urinetown,” Washington University’s Performing Arts Department brought their best melodramatic acting, passionate singing and, of course, desperate yelping about urine on the Edison Theatre stage.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Writer

‘Macbeth’ delivers intimate reflection upon contemporary morality

The story of Macbeth has been passed down and performed through generations, most recently in the current Performing Arts Department play, directed by Henry Schvey, a professor of drama and comparative literature.

| Theater Editor

Upcoming PAD Show ‘Thinking It’ explores the power of feelings and emotions

A story that delves deep into the basis of human emotion through the lens of two characters recently awoken from a coma, “Thinking It” is an upcoming production put on by the Performing Arts Department, written by Washington University’s Playwright-in-Residence Carter Lewis and directed by Andrea Urice.

| Theater Editor

The Performing Arts Department presents ‘Passing Strange’

A coming-of-age story that delves into the power of true love, this fall’s Performing Arts Department (PAD) musical, “Passing Strange,” takes audience members on a punk-rock inspired journey of main character Youth’s self discovery.

| Theater Editor

The interrelated nature of ‘Love and Information’

After a two-weekend run, the Performing Arts Department’s ‘Love and Information’ leaves one Cadenza writer existential but satisfied.

| Staff Writer