Flannel shirts and wood shavings: A night with Nick Offerman

Last Thursday, comedian Nick Offerman made it out to St. Louis’s Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 36 Union Hall to promote his third book, “Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop.”

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A farewell to Chicky Parms: Comedy’s final season hits it out of the ‘Parks’

After the season’s strong debut, I was cautiously optimistic about immersing myself in Pawnee nostalgia one last time. Little did I expect to have to adjust my mental ranking of the sitcom’s top episodes, but then Tuesday night’s second episode, “Leslie and Ron,” aired.

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Procrastination through streaming: A Cadenza guide to binge-watching

With reading week and finals coming up, you’ll certainly find yourself in the library or a study room for hours on end reading notes, making flashcards and finishing up those final papers, but what better way to finish out the semester is there than starting a brand-new television show?

Nick Offerman provides partial nudity, 10 tips for a ‘Prosperous Life’

“Minor nudity was advertised, minor nudity achieved,” the mustachioed man announced as he walked out on the stage shirtless. “Drink it in.” Actor Nick Offerman, best known for his portrayal of libertarian, meat lover and woodworker Ron Swanson on the popular NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation,” spoke Sunday night at an almost filled to capacity Edison Theater.

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What to watch this week: Returning television premieres

Cool weather has finally returned to St. Louis, so the best way to spend your evenings is inside, curled up in front of the TV. Don’t miss your favorite returning shows like “Parks and Recreation” or “How I Met Your Mother.” Cadenza previewed what we think will be the best shows premiering this week.

Cadenza predicts the Emmys

Cadenza predicts the Emmys The Emmys are this Sunday, Sept. 22, and in case you don’t have time to catch up on all the quality nominees, we’ve got rundowns of every major category. Will reigning champion “Homeland” continue its domination of the drama awards? Or will resurgent former favorites like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” make a comeback?

Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson performing in campus show

Nick Offerman, of “Parks and Recreation” fame, will be coming to campus Nov. 10 for Social Programming Board’s Fall Comedy Show, the group confirmed Wednesday. The performance will be in Edison Theatre. Check tomorrow’s issue for the full story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0ALxdrq4bk

Biden and friends: adding more stars to the Parks and Rec ticket

Fresh off the winning campaign trail, Joe Biden stops for no one. Nov. 15, he will continue reprising his role as vice president by playing himself on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.

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In Knope We Trust: Cadenza’s Pick for President

Unemployment is high. The deficit is massive. The economy is in flux. It’s pretty clear. The United States is at a crossroads, and this election represents a choice between two clear sides. Cadenza is concerned for our country, so we felt it was our civic duty to weigh in and endorse a candidate for president.

Five fictional bands we want to play W.I.L.D.

You might not like the W.I.L.D. headliners this year. You might have dreamed that The Shins were coming. We’re sorry if that prank disappointed you—but why not dream a little bigger? We’re thinking bands that could never play W.I.L.D. because they don’t exist in reality. Here are our five picks for the best fictional bands that Team 31 should book next year.