Fourth annual OWN IT highlights visibility and achievement

OWN IT WashU hosted its fourth-annual women’s leadership summit in Bauer Hall on Nov. 10. The student-run conference is designed to provide young women the opportunity to engage and network with successful women in business, STEM and creative fields.

Jayla Butler | Contributing Reporter

OWN IT summit promotes empowerment, gender inclusivity

The Washington University chapter of OWN IT, a women’s empowerment group that hosts an annual event featuring female leaders in various fields, hosted its third leadership summit Saturday in Bauer Hall.

Jessica Bigley | Contributing Reporter

Marching On panel considers legacy of women’s march

A panel of women’s rights activists discussed the impact and ongoing implications of the Women’s March in Seigle Hall Sunday.

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OWN IT discussion highlights positive psychology, community engagement

Over 30 students discussed community involvement at OWN IT: WashU’s spring event Tuesday in a way that mirrored the “break-out session” structure of their upcoming fall summit.

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Busy schedules, high speaking fees prevent visits from Jessica Williams, Ellen Page

Comedian Jessica Williams and actress Ellen Page will not be part of Student Union’s Speaker Series this year, removing the two highest-profile guests from the annual speaker schedule.

| Senior Editor

OWN IT holds first summit

Over 250 people attended Washington University’s first annual OWN IT women’s empowerment summit, which included panels and breakout sessions on Saturday featuring female leaders in a number of fields.

| Staff Reporter

Behind the scenes of OWN IT with co-founder Ellen Kaushansky

The inaugural OWN IT summit at Washington University will be taking place November 7th—co-founder and current senior Ellen Kaushansky has been extremely busy finalizing all the details of the summit for women’s empowerment.

| Staff Reporter

SU, OWN IT aim to make Ellen Page speech free for students

Student Union Speaker Series’ most expensive speaker will be appearing at an event charging an entrance fee, but organizers and SU executives say they are working to ensure that Washington University students are able to hear Ellen Page’s speech free of charge.

| Staff Reporter

OWN IT prepares for November summit with womanhood panel

OWN IT WashU, a newly formed student group that aims to encourage women to be their best selves, hosted a panel Monday night to discuss the challenges and celebrations of womanhood from different perspectives.

| News Editor

Three students to bring OWN IT: Summit for Women’s Empowerment to campus next fall

A recent women’s empowerment conference organized by students at Georgetown University has inspired three Washington University students to bring the OWN IT Summit to St. Louis.

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