Staff Editorial: Overpass construction is an inconvenience to all

As classes begin, students approaching Danforth Campus from the north will be faced with an unpleasant surprise as they encounter the now-closed Overpass for the first time.

Overpass construction to end late October as East End Expansion continues

Construction on the new overpass will extend into the fall semester, with the structure re-opening in late October, along with construction on the East End Expansion, the majority of which is expected to be completed by spring of 2019.

Over the summer, the underground parking garage as well as several building structures were completed as a part of the East End expansion.

Kathleen White and Emma Baker | News Editors

Best ways to break the Overpass

I bet if we even put in a little effort, we could break the Overpass ourselves! Here are a few ideas—let us know if they work!

Bike barriers are silly

Normally, I hate bicyclists. It seems like they’re always underfoot and an inch away from running into me. I hate them, that is, until I am one. Then, it’s the pedestrians who are infuriating: They’re always in the way, exclaiming as I go past, and if they’d only stop moving to avoid me, I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting them.

| Staff Columnist

Truck wedged under span near West Campus

Early this morning a truck driving near Washington University’s West Campus became wedged under an overpass spanning Jackson Ave. in Clayton.