Junk food era is not coming to a close

While I would love to think that processed food could finally claim its rightful place at the bottom of the food chain, I’m highly skeptical of these results.

| Staff Columnist

Why to choose organic (at least sometimes)

Growing up, I paid little attention to what I ate and where it came from. I ate what my mom prepared for dinner, avoided fast food and assumed that this meant I was a healthy eater. When I got to college though, I began to read more about the process of growing produce and how, oftentimes, this involves pesticides that are detrimental to long-term health.

Stepping Out: Café Osage

When the sun came out the other day, pushing aside the ugliness of the recent damp and cold, it reminded me of my experience at Café Osage. This breakfast and lunch joint on the other side of Forest Park is the antithesis of fried and heavy.

Sarah Netta | Stepping Out Reporter