Op-ed: Hug your Jewish friends a little bit tighter

Shabbat is supposed to be peaceful. It is the one day of the week set aside for rest, for us and for prayer. This past week, Shabbat was about something different.

Ilan Palte | Class of 2019

Op-ed: West Lake and the slow violence of unfounded fear

Forbearance is defined as: patient self-control; restraint and tolerance. Such a lack of forbearance has been demonstrated by those on and off our campus who casually dismiss scientific and medical consensus surrounding the effects of radiation on human health.

Suzanne Loui, Ph.D., Lee Sobotka, Ph.D. | Lecturer of Environmental Studies, Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Op-ed submission: HAGS

Friday, Dec. 16, 2016, I sat alone in my dorm room drinking green apple vodka, eating Bear’s Den pizza and staring dejectedly at Michael Scott, begging him to make me smile. Three days later I was doing the same thing, sans alcohol with the addition of some bruises and emotional scarring.

| Class of 2020

Op-ed Submission: Normalizing nuance

During the event “Marriage Equality and LGBTQIA* Issues in Israel with Etai Pinkas,” I proudly introduced Pinkas in my capacity as the president of Nice Jewish Queers, the group for Jewish LGBTQIA* students and allies at Washington University.  I use the word “proudly” because as a Jew, a queer woman and someone who is both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine, I was truly excited and honored to welcome him to our campus.  

Monica Sass | Class of 2019

Op-ed submission: Yes on 3 For Kids: A vote for the future

Amendment 3 is attempting to give the children of Missouri something so many children do not have, a high quality childhood education.

Zack Smith | Third-year Law Student

Op-ed submission: On last week’s shooting, and how to move forward

In the wake of last week’s shooting, I have heard a lot from students about preparedness on the part of Washington University, communication to students and staff from emergency personnel, varied reactions by professors who were in class when the safety warnings were issued and protections in place to help prevent another situation like it. Thankfully, the University acknowledges these issues and has already begun to improve on all levels.

Robert Mark Morgan | Senior Lecturer

WU panel on climate change timely and necessary

The recent panel on the health impacts of climate change—headlined by Harvard scientist Dr. Joel Schwartz—underscores the need for our University to recommit itself to a truly sustainable future.

Eli Horowitz | Class of 2016

Small Pre-O’s help with college adjustment, open doors for freshmen

Little did I know, when I chose to participate in the “World of Politics” Pre-Orientation program, how much that experience would improve my experience as a freshman. Unfortunately, due to the new 20-participant rule put in place by the First Year Center, future freshmen may not have the same opportunity as I did.

Scott Solomon | Class of 2019

Every student, same story: The demise of pre-orientation at the hands of the First Year Center

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: You can imagine my surprise when I heard that my Bear Beginnings, my foundation for a successful collegiate experience, is threatened by the First Year Center, which announced last week that any pre-orientation program with fewer than 20 students enrolled by June 15 would be cancelled.

| Class of 2014

Finding common ground regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The past month has seen increased violence in Israel and has resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians—both Israeli and Palestinian. This violence has stirred the emotions of many students and Student Union groups, including WU Students for Israel (WSI) and WashU Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Both groups have organized events in the past week for their respective beliefs, yet both have been asking for the same thing: peace.

Ryan Friedman | Class of 2017