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Once a softball star, WU grad Maggie Mullen now chases Olympic handball

Mullen, who played four years of softball at Wash. U. before graduating in 2014, was working at a marketing firm and perusing LinkedIn for her next career move when she saw a post about open tryouts for the United States national handball program.

| Associate Editor

Op-ed: St. Louis’ ridiculous, racist and rotten Olympic legacy

The 1904 St. Louis Olympics were exploitative, dangerous, drawn-out, poorly planned and incredibly ridiculous.

| Class of 2017

All eyes on PyeongChang: What we’re most excited for in the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are happening in PeyongChang. What form of sliding is the Student Life sports staff most excited for?

Sports Staff

Olympic rings to be showcased on Danforth Campus

Four days ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics, the St. Louis Sports Commission announced plans to install an Olympic Rings “Spectacular” on Washington University’s campus in an effort to re-establish the city’s Olympic legacy.

| Senior Sports Editor

An intimate chat with Ibtihaj Muhammad in Graham Chapel

Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad stopped by Washington University on Tuesday to discuss on identity, racism and her journey to the Olympics.

Hanusia Higgins | Senior Scene Editor

Guilty or not, questions remain about Oscar Pistorius’ trial

Pistorius attracted widespread support with his feel-good story, but as the saying goes, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” And Pistorius fell. Hard.

Zach Epstein | Contributing Writer

Bring the Paralympics into the spotlight

This past Sunday night, Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Russia came alive one last time for an inspiring display of acrobatics, stunts and dances. Fans from around the world packed the stadium for support as their nations’ athletes took one last lap around the stadium to officially close out the Winter Olympic season.

| Forum Editor

Sochi falls short of Olympic expectations

The Sochi Olympics came to a close Sunday with the host nation celebrating a win in the overall medal count, buoyed by strong (if not marred by judging controversy) finishes in figure skating.

St. Louis’ Olympic Games wackiest and strangest in history

The 1904 Olympics featured a first-place finisher disqualified for cheating, rat a used as a performance-enhancing drug, and rotten apples and rabid dogs as obstacles. And that was just in the marathon. Originally granted to Chicago but moved to St.

The games must go on

As the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, open Thursday, the games are mired in the controversy surrounding Russia’s anti-gay laws. While these laws are certainly not something to condone, the Olympics shouldn’t be about politics, and the U.S.’s decision not to boycott the Olympics is the right one.