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Will they be canceled? Should they be canceled?

It’s that time of year again. What shows deserve renewals, and which have earned their place on the chopping block?

| Cadenza Staff

Evaluating a week with Coco

Conan kicked off the series with a pre-taped cold open: Last Season on “Conan”. Conan is on the line with an NBC executive who tells the talk show host that he has to move “The Tonight Show” to 12:05 a.m. Conan’s reaction is priceless (“Go to hell!”) and self-knowing (“What can they do to me?” he says as he reclines back in his chair), but as Conan leaves a surprisingly dingy-looking NBC parking lot, he’s shot up “Godfather”-style.
He’s put in a full-body cast. The good news is he’ll live. The bad news is he’ll never work in network television again. From there, Conan tries his hand at being a Burger King cashier, a stand-up comedian/birthday clown, and a “Mad Man” from the 60s, complete with a guest appearance from a surly Don Draper. But nothing fits.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The case for cancelling “Outsourced”

There are some greenlit TV series that seem destined to be cancelled. “Cavemen,” the show based on the Geico commercial spokes-Neanderthals, was one of these series. Poochinski, the series in which the main character was a cop transformed into a bulldog, was another. Hopefully “Outsourced,” the new part of the NBC Thursday night comedy block, will join “Cavemen” and “Poochinski” in the Eighth Circle of Cancellation Hell.

| Cadenza Reporter

An open letter to NBC

Upon hearing that Steve Carell will be leaving “The Office” after this seventh season, I ask that you respond courteously to the fans’ requests and put the overtired sitcom to rest.

| Cadenza Reporter

An Open Letter to Conan O’Brien

I’m sure a lot of other people watched you host “Late Night” and “The Tonight Show.” But I did watch all six episodes of “Andy Barker, P.I.” too, so that has to count for something, right? My favorite episode was the one with the evil chicken cartel.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

In Defense Of: The Winter Olympics

The news recently broke that NBC will likely lose money on the Winter Olympics. I don’t understand. Yes, it kind of makes sense that the country is in a bad place economically. But that cannot be the only reason why. I need to ask: Why the hate? I read an article for class earlier today that posed the following question: What kind of person would leave the television on with no one watching?

| Cadenza TV Editor

The Conan saga

As an avid television viewer, I get a little too attached to my shows, and therefore, TV networks always have the ability to break my heart. For instance, ABC canceled three of my favorite shows in the same news release, and I haven’t really gotten over it yet. And I do not even work in the industry. So I cannot even imagine how Conan O’Brien feels.

| Cadenza TV Editor

Best 30 Rock Moments

Although NBC has been doing a wonderful job placating me with the surprisingly funny “Community,” underrated “Parks and Recreation” and wedding that ruined me for all other weddings, probably even my own (thanks Jim and Pam), I have been craving “30 Rock” since the new fall television season began.

| Cadenza Editor

Life Lessons, from “30 Rock”

1. “Live every week like it’s shark week.” – Tracy Jordan 2. “You can’t ask a bird not to fly. You can’t ask a fish not to swim. And you can’t ask a tiger not to turn back into a Chinese dude at midnight.” – Tracy Jordan 3.“Even when things seem bad, there is someone […]

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Top 5 Jim & Pam moments

Most television shows have that one couple. You know, the two people who are madly in love with each other but can never seem to make it work, only engaging and frustrating the viewers so much every time they have a moment that never really comes to fruition. And usually, if they do make it […]

| Cadenza Reporter