Letter to the editor

And please do not repeat my mistake of blaming yourself for it. You did NOT do anything to bring on that predatory behavior or to encourage it. It was NOT your fault.

Stew Epstein | Former SUNY Brockport Professor

Being from the middle of nowhere isn’t an excuse to be racist

If students are intelligent enough to earn admission to Washington University, they’re intelligent enough to pay attention to what’s happening around them and to decide what side they want to be on.

| Staff Writer

Gold Star father Khizr Khan addresses Islamophobia in America

Gold Star father Khizr Khan spoke at the on-campus panel “Speaking Truth to Power,” where panelists discussed discrimination and Islamophobia in America in Wilson Hall Friday, Nov. 3.

Emily Getzoff | Contributing Reporter

Denying birth control isn’t about religious freedom, it’s about power

The latest attack on women’s access to birth control is intrinsically linked to a political movement to maintain the social hierarchy of rich, white, Christian men at the top—and everyone else at the bottom.

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

Op-ed submission: Do you dream of a better world?

To find a path to a better, more just society, we must first learn from those who have tried to build it in the past.

Jose Madero | Ph.D. Candidate

Don’t let #MeToo be another shout into the void

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein and other sexual assault revelations, we can’t stop at Twitter activism.

Elena Quinones | Contributing Writer

Love thy neighbor: Does America lack cultural understanding?

It seems as if the value of other languages is diminished in America, as if English is the only one of importance.

Kya Vaughn | Contributing Writer

Protest on the field and on campus: Thoughts on the wave of NFL protests and their effects on universities

The NFL national anthem protests have now reached the tuft fields of America’s college football teams.

Isaac Jacobson | Staff Reporter

Op-ed submission: Wash. U., we need to talk

The black community has waited far too long for this conversation, but it is not our duty to begin your racial education.

Wash. U. Black Organizers

I am not going to change your mind about guns

This is not an article in which I try to convince you about the merits of stricter gun laws.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer