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Friendships and relationships give life purpose in upcoming PAD show ‘Company’

He’s a noncommittal socialite of a man, surrounded by friends and usually the center of attention at a party. He’s off and on with three different girls, but all of his closest friends are in long-term relationships…Well, in this case, marriage. Sound sort of familiar?

| Culture Editor

‘The Sound of Music Live!’ attracts viewers but falls flat under the weight of poor acting, lack of cast chemistry

NBC’s much-hyped foray into the long-gone “event television” days finally went live with “The Sound of Music Live!” Thursday night, but the adaptation of the 1959 classic turned out to be nothing more than a couple of hours full of awkwardness.

Kimberley Henrickson | Contributing Writer

Remembering Finn: ‘Glee’’s tribute to Cory Monteith

On July 31, 2013, Cory Monteith died in his Vancouver hotel room at age 31 as a result of mixing alcohol and heroin.

| Contributing Writer

Theater Review: ‘Cabaret’

The Performing Arts Department’s production of “Cabaret,” an eccentric musical set in a raunchy nightclub in 1930s Berlin, was successfully stirring in its first round of performances at the Edison Theatre last weekend.

Danielle Leventhal | Theater Critic

Welcome to ‘Cabaret': Act Two of our Q&A

Our ongoing coverage of the Performing Arts Department’s performance of “Cabaret” continues with the second part of our Q&A session with the cast (Pete Winfrey, a senior, playing the Emcee; Sarah Palay, a junior, playing Sally Bowles; Ariel Saul, a junior, playing Fräulein Schneider; and Anna Richards, a sophomore, playing Fräulein Kost.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘American Idiot’ to play Peabody Opera House

Don’t want to be an American idiot? You might be if you miss out on this weekend’s performances of the Green Day musical at the Peabody Opera House. “American Idiot” opened on Broadway in April 2010 and stayed running for almost a year. It has been touring the country since the beginning of 2012, and its time in St. Louis is here.

| Senior Cadenza Editor


As its final musical moment will have you believe, “Hairspray” is a musical about the celebration of equality in Baltimore in the early 1960s. It’s supposed to be a happy triumph for the underrepresented in society, the ones who have always fallen through the cracks because of their size, skin color or some other factor that shouldn’t matter but still does.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

“Shrek the Musical”

The set was green and mossy, the audience was a sea of Shrek-ears, and for three exhausting hours this past Sunday…, “Shrek the Musical” tried its hardest to ruin our childhoods.

| Senior Cadenza Editors