Beyond WILD: Entertainment events on campus you should look forward to

Sometimes you need a little more than a house party to fulfill your weekend needs. Variety is the spice of life, folks.

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‘Annihilation:’ An unsettling film experience

“Annihilation” disturbs, unsettles and makes your skin crawl. It raises questions and opens discussions. It requires and demands repeat viewing.

Pranaya Pahwa | Staff Writer

My date with Smooth Dave

I had my first “real” date when I was 15 with this guy we’ll call “Dave.” Dave and I had been flirting for a while in that awkward, high-school way. You know, ambiguous Facebook statuses and texts filled with winky faces.

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‘Harry Potter’ series to return with ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’

Fans of the extremely loved “Harry Potter” series were shocked Thursday when it was revealed that a spinoff movie series, based off the “Harry Potter” companion book “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” is in the works. This news is of particular interest to many college students, many of whom grew up with the “Harry Potter” series and are still avid fans.

Kimberly Henrickson | Contributing Writer

Summer movies to tempt you off the couch

Summer could easily be bookended by two exciting superhero movies—that is, if your summer ended in July. With all the hype they’ve been getting, you may not realize that there are more movies coming out than “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises”—but what are they?

Extremely surprised and incredibly upset: The good, the bad and the ugly of Oscar nominations 2012

On Tuesday morning, Oscar nominations were announced. As usual, there were surprises aplenty. There were some good nominations, but most of them left anyone watching the Oscar race stunned. Here are what we think are the good, the bad and the ugly of the nominations.

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Spring 2012 movie preview

Because the studios hold all their important movies until the end of the year so they are Oscar-eligible, the movies that come out right after New Years are never that significant. However, we in Cadenza don’t want you to not see any movies all semester, so here are some of our best (and worst) bets.

10 ways to make ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ enjoyable

While there are probably a few of you out there who are legitimately looking forward to “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” we at Cadenza don’t quite understand why. For the rest of us, here are 10 ways to make the movie more enjoyable. 1. Every time Robert Pattinson is on screen, yell, “Kill the spare!” to mock all the Harry Potter fans dragged by their Twihard friends. 2.

Cadenza Staff

‘Born to Be Wild’

In general, there are three kinds of 3-D movies. First, there’s “Avatar,” which is in its own class. Then, there are the many movies that have come out in recent years that have tried to jump on the 3-D bandwagon. These are mostly sequels to sequels, which by definition need something to distinguish them: “Step Up 3-D,” “Jackass 3-D,” “Saw 3-D,” the list goes on.

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‘Sucker Punch’

There are a lot of theatrical elements that contribute to making a good movie. Crisp pacing, believable acting and character development, for example, are pivotal. Unfortunately, for “Sucker Punch,” when you match up this movie’s traits with the ones listed above, nothing fits. What could have saved “Sucker Punch”? A little thought would have gone a long way.

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