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Comedies to procrastinate with instead of studying for midterms

There’s no better way to procrastinate than by starting your latest Netflix binge—especially if your new go-to show is a comedy. Here’s a list of five must-sees to chase away academic woes:

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The Cadenzites: 2011 edition

Cadenza loves award shows, so we decided we should make our own awards. Here are the first round of the Cadenzites, offering you our favorite pop culture items from the past year.

If only these characters went to our school

During the middle-of-the-fall entertainment news lull, Cadenza needs to get creative with what stories to run. Our solution? Thinking of TV/movie characters that really should go to our school, if they were, well, real. Here’s what we came up with. Alex Dunphy (“Modern Family”) Wash. U. would give Alex the opportunity to explore all of […]

Cadenza Staff

Fall TV Preview: Monday through Thursday

Last year, NBC tried an interesting little experiment: giving Jay Leno the 10 o’clock hour every night of the week, and robbing us television viewers of five precious hours of primetime. Luckily for us (but maybe not for Leno), this experiment completely failed.

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‘Modern Family’ is Awesome

It’s been a great season for television. With numerous hits such as “Flash Forward,” “Glee” and “Community,” television is looking up.

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ABC Cougar Family

Dear Mom and Dad, It’s me, your son Percy. I’m just writing home to check up on you two, see how things are going. I know we haven’t corresponded by snail-mail ever, but I thought it’d be nice to start. So. Let’s start. There have been some big changes around here. I boiled pasta for dinner, yesterday, and I plan to reheat it for tonight’s dinner. I bought Cascade Detergent.