Withdrawals for mental health leave should not appear on transcripts

For students suffering from mental health problems, taking the step to apply for a leave of absence isn’t one to be taken lightly.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Staff editorial: Me time: Self-care is not selfish

As you know, we are deep in the trenches of midterm season. Things have been rough, but they are about to get rougher as we move toward the dreaded finals season.

Op-ed: No student in need of help should go without at a university bursting with abundance

No student in need of mental health treatment should go without at a university bursting with abundance. With this money, low-income students can request funds to cover the cost of therapy, psychiatry, testing, transportation to off-campus providers and other expenses related to mental health treatment.

Shelly Gupta, Carolyn Perlmutter and Tyler Tran | Class of 2019 and 2020

Habif Health and Wellness Center expands mental health services with new employees

The Habif Health and Wellness Center added five new employees to its Mental Health Services department at the beginning of the semester in response to student requests for more counseling services.

| Staff Reporter

There’s always an answer

Whether it be because of financial burden, social stigma or any other reason, seeking out professional help presets a major barrier for many suffering from mental health issues.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

SHS to hire new executive director

Washington University Student Health Services put together a search committee at the beginning of the spring 2018 semester to find a new director, who will start June 2018.

| Senior News Editor

Op-ed: You can’t choose happiness

As I kept everything to myself, I began to resent the people around me. Everyone seemed so happy all the time. All I wanted was one day where I didn’t wake up with this unbearable heavy feeling.

Maria de Figueiredo | Class of 2020

Nobody’s perfect, I gotta work it

Over the past three years, I’ve often prioritized schoolwork, Student Life and paid work over all else. Has my pursuit of perfection come at the expense of my own physical and mental well-being?

| Editor-in-Chief

Staff ed: How to take care of yourself during finals

Be nice to your body during finals week. Eat an apple, close your eyes and slap on a face mask.

Op-ed: Mental health

Over the past month, my colleagues have been lambasting the state of Student Health Services. I’m here to affirm that the resources offered by this school don’t fix, and can sometimes exacerbate, the problems of mental health.

Nicholas Kinberg | Class of 2020