Police fatally shoot armed patient at WU’s Center for Advanced Medicine

A 46-year-old armed patient at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital on Washington University’s Medical Campus was fatally shot by public safety officers after pulling a knife on health care professionals Thursday morning.

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Polar penetration: A song of ice and air conditioning

When I enter any building on Washington University’s campus, I enter the ninth circle of hell. Ice grips my soul. My heart rate slows. I am left shaking on the floor in the fetal position.

Lauren Alley | Freshman Press Writer

Medical school shooting sets off alert system on Monday

A shooting took place on the Washington University Medical Campus near 600 S. Taylor Ave on Monday. The incident involved two groups of youths and resulted in a teenage boy being treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital for a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

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Dr. David Perlmutter announced as dean of medical school

This month, Washington University announced Dr. David H. Perlmutter as the new dean of the medical school, taking over for Dr. Larry Shapiro on December 1.

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School of Medicine Dean Larry Shapiro stepping down from executive positions

Larry Shapiro, the executive vice chancellor and dean of the Washington University School of Medicine, announced that he will be stepping down from those positions when his replacement is found.

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Pre-med students begin preparing for new MCAT

As the final administration of the current MCAT exam approaches, pre-medical school students are conflicted about which version of the exam to take.

Sam Weien | Contributing Reporter

Local protesters denounce Med School’s use of cats

Pictures of cats with banners declaring, “I am not lab equipment” and “On humans, it’s torture. On animals, it’s research?” dotted the corner of Skinker Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway in small protest against Washington University’s use of live cats in a medical school course.

Richard Matus | Contributing Reporter

Highest-earning employees work at med school

Washington University’s top-paid employees don’t have offices on the Danforth Campus—they work at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The University’s 2010 tax filings reveal that the top-paid University employee is Richard H. Gelberman, the Fred C.

| Contributing Reporter

Medical association proposes changes to MCAT for 2015

A series of proposed changes to the MCAT would add additional material to the test and make it longer than the current version. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the group in charge of the test, announced the suggested changes last week.

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Nanoparticle discovery aids detection of blood clots

For millions of people who suffer chest pain, testing for blocked arteries that can cause fatal heart attacks is a long and expensive process. A new nanoparticle invented by researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine, however, can find blood clots and make them visible on a new type of CT scanner.

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