‘Black Panther’ breaks the mold

With an estimated $235 million in sales over the course of four days, director Ryan Coogler’s film ranks as “the biggest February opening weekend ever, the biggest non-sequel debut ever and the top-grossing film by a black director.”

Sabrina Sayed | Contributing Writer

The great 21st century blockbuster diversity arms race

If there’s one thing Hollywood learned this winter, it’s that diversity sells. It sells well.

| Staff Writer

Doctor Strange and the state of the Marvel cinematic universe

The Marvel cinematic universe takes another leap forward this Friday with the release of Doctor Strange, their 14th film. With its mystical themes, psychedelic imagery and relatively obscure main character, the film is one of their biggest risks the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) has taken since initiating this multiphase, interwoven universe back in 2008.

Katarina Schultz | Contributing Writer

Battle for the box office: Superhero genre weighs quality v. quantity

Anyone who has been tuned into popular culture this year can’t have missed the intensive media campaigns of two giants in their field, both fighting to come out on top in one of the fastest escalating competitions in recent memory. Of course, I am talking about the struggle between Marvel and DC Comics.

| Music Editor

TV review: ‘Jessica Jones’

Ever since the television masterpiece that was Netflix’s “Daredevil,” I have been eagerly awaiting the follow up. I did not expect, however, that the next Marvel installment to make the cut would be a relatively unknown character, and a female character at that.

| Music Editor

TV Review: Marvel’s “Daredevil”

While there is a new movie (“Avengers: Age of Ultron”) on the horizon, there is yet another exciting addition to this ever-expanding universe: the new Netflix series “Daredevil,” whose first season was released in full on April 10.

Jake Lee | Contributing Writer

New TV series cashes in on superhero mania

This past week was a big one for Marvel. At New York Comic Con, Marvel Studios, which is currently behind the production of all the movies based on the hugely successful line of Marvel comics such as “The Avengers,” teased its eager following of fans with footage from its upcoming line of TV shows. The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be ever-expanding, and shows no signs of stopping

Kayla Hollenbaugh & Joohyeong Lee | Cadenza Staff

Movie review: ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

When you are a super-soldier who has World War II-era American values but now has to deal with modern-day life in 2014, who can you really trust? “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” tries to answer this main question as it thrusts Captain America Steve Rogers, once again played by hunky Chris Evans, back into action.

Elena Wandzilak | TV Editor