LouFest Sunday: And that’s a wrap

If you’ve never boarded a Metro-Link bus while listening to a drunken warbling of “Say it Ain’t So” you have not truly lived.

Such was the scene as LouFest closed Sunday night, and festivalgoers suddenly became painfully aware they had work/school in the morning.

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LouFest Saturday doesn’t disappoint—if maybe lacking grass

The guitarist tucked his sweater into his pants, the lead singer wore no top but a bolo tie. We all stood on parking lot asphalt and LouFest just felt a bit too much like Warped Tour.

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New LouFestU initiative presents fun possibilities for WU students

In a new initiative geared toward showing St. Louis college students what all the city has to offer them, LouFest will be launching LouFest U this Friday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., the night before the festival’s official start.

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Battle of the Headliners: Weezer or Snoop?

It’s that time of the year again: LouFest is taking over Forest Park this weekend for the city’s biggest music festival.

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Judah & the Lion unleashed

lthough LouFest may already seem like a distant memory, the sound and energy of music culture lives on. During the festival, I had the opportunity to sit down with Nate Zuercher, Spencer Cross, Judah Akers and Brian Macdonald of Judah & the Lion and get their take on their rise to stardom and their experience at this particularly muddy year of LouFest.

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The best of the ‘Fest: Cadenza’s picks on who rocked the weekend

The 2016 edition of LouFest may have suffered from mud pits and a severe lack of Beyonce, but there was plenty of great music to be found among both headliners and the less well-known names on the schedule.

LouFest 2016: Down and dirty, emphasis on the dirty

After two days of heavy rain, LouFest 2016 opened Saturday afternoon with the south entrance under water, most of the field destroyed and a solid few inches of mud covering every surface.

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In defense of the 2016 LouFest lineup

This year’s LouFest comes amidst some grumbles from students, discontented with what they see as an underwhelming lineup—a failed follow-up to last year’s glorious festival. But this year’s LouFest doesn’t deserve the trash talk.

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The LouFest bubble: Why LouFest 2016 will discourage community engagement

While SPB’s partnership with LouFest has some benefits (both from the perspective of Wash. U. students and the festival itself), the creation of an area exclusive to Wash. U. students at the festival only perpetuates the troubling image of a “Wash. U. Bubble.”

LouFest 2016 Playlist

The 2016 LouFest lineup came out last month! Check out our Spotify playlist to get to know the artists that will be coming to Forest Park this September.

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