Washington University investing $80 million to develop apartment complex on the Loop

Washington University is proposing an $80 million plan to build apartments with storefronts on the Delmar Loop and Eastgate Avenue. The project is a culmination of years of research with Loop businesses indicating that the area could support more retail and residential development.

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U City to install surveillance on Delmar Loop by June

University City is finalizing contracts to install a $160,000 surveillance system on the Delmar Loop by June. Joe Edwards, owner of Blueberry Hill and many other establishments on the Loop, said the project has been in the works for almost a decade, but serious discussions have been taking place for the past two years.

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A rejuvenated street

The Delmar Loop is a picturesque street located a few hundred feet from the Danforth Campus. Thanks to the Greenway Walk, the Loop is perfect for a first place for freshmen to break out of the Wash. U. bubble. Later, it’s a staple of upperclassmen’s social lives, with some of them residing here as well.

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Groceries on the Loop

In their second year at Wash. U., some students begin the process of moving off campus. Many will remain on campus for their four years; however, 21 percent of the student body does live off campus. This figure only takes into account off-campus living situations that are unaffiliated with Wash. U.

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Stepping Out: Three Kings Public House

Three Kings Public House, a bar and grill across the street from the Tivoli Theatre, offers filling fare served with smiles in a handsome space. However, the pub lacks any attribute that makes it noteworthy.

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Disorderly teens absent from Loop for two weeks

The recent combination of bad weather and joint police presence on the Delmar Loop has subdued the unruly teen behavior that community members noticed earlier in the month. Student Life reported earlier this month that University City was weighing policy changes to handle the rampant disorderly behavior around the street.

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University City to implement stricter policies for youth on the Loop

University City is considering changing its policies to stop bouts of disorderly conduct on the Delmar Loop. According to University City Manager Lehman Walker, the city is considering these changes due to an increased amount of disorderly conduct that has been taking place on the Loop recently.

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Shooting suspect found guilty

The man who shot a policeman just outside of Starbucks on the Delmar Loop two years ago was found guilty of first-degree muder and armed criminal action, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The shooter, Todd Shepard, 43, received the verdict on Thursday for the crime committed in Oct., 2008. The case now moves into the penalty phase.

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The Fro-down: Chill vs. FroYo

Summer may be winding down, but for two St. Louis shops, frozen yogurt knows no season. But who serves it best?

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Cranky yellow: shows, crafts and art in the city

Stuffed bunnies with skeleton faces, flesh-colored organic shapes with eyeballs hanging from tree branches and a painting from the “Meth & Hotdogs” collection are just some of the things that may catch your eye upon entering Cranky Yellow, a craft shop/gallery/performance space located on Cherokee Street.

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