Immigration law clinic offered at Washington University law school

Starting this semester, Washington University’s law school now offers a clinic in immigration law for second and third-year law students. The clinic is structured to provide students with practical experience representing and counseling non-U.S. citizens in immigration law cases.

Ted Moskal | Contributing Reporter

Study indicates jump in law school interest after election, WU responds

This winter Kaplan Test Prep, noticing an uptick in law school applicants, conducted a nationwide survey of 537 pre-law students. The survey concluded that a potential reason for the jump in the number of law school applications this year was the 2016 presidential election.

Kathleen White | News Editor

School of Law to accept GRE

The Washington University School of Law will begin accepting the Graduate Record Examination as an alternative to the Law School Admission Test from applicants to the Fall 2018 J.D. program, becoming the sixth law school in the country to do so.

Meghan Sharma | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed submission: My open letter to Washington University School of Law Dean Nancy Staudt

I am disappointed that you are unable to separate your personal views from views that you can appropriately express in your capacity as the dean of the Washington University School of Law.

Richard Kuhns | Professor of Law Emeritus

LGBT activist delivers lecture on homophobia in Uganda

A Nobel Peace Prize nominee and LGBT activist spoke to a crowd of law students and community members about both his experiences as a gay man and his thoughts on Ugandan views of homosexuality during the 11th Annual Midwest LGBTQ Law Conference held at Washington University’s School of Law on Friday.

| Contributing Reporter

Law school hosts ‘teach-in’ on Mike Brown case

After reviewing the unusual nature of the Mike Brown shooting case, two Washington University law professors concluded that the chances of Darren Wilson being brought up on federal charges for his role in the shooting were “slim to none.”
Their opinion was delivered Wednesday night to an audience of nearly 60 attendees, who were packed into a law school classroom for a “teach-in” discussing the grand jury’s potential decisions in the case.

| News Editor

Law school students need to raise the bar

For some Washington University law students, “passing the bar” might well have been “passing out at the bar.” A Halloween celebration held at Anheuser-Busch Hall on Oct. 26 resulted in excessive drinking and allegedly culminated in students vomiting puddles in front of the building.

Halloween debacle leads to alcohol-free semester for law school

Mum’s the word on the drunken Halloween Party in the law school that led the school to impose a prohibition until the end of the semester.

| News Editor

The benefits of fewer lawyers for lawyers’ sakes

If you’re a high-achieving undergraduate with no interest in going the business- or medical-school route but still want an advanced degree, you’ve probably at least flirted with the idea of law school.

| Forum Editor

Law graduates still struggling to land legal careers

More than 50 percent of graduates from at least 30 accredited law schools did not get jobs requiring a law degree in 2009, Brian Tamanaha, a Washington University School of Law professor, said. Tamanaha drew the conclusion from data assembled by U.S. News & World Report.

| Staff Reporter