In defense of Kygo: Not just pressing play

One particular complaint about Kygo that has irked me is: “All he did was press play.” Criticisms such as these display a fundamental misunderstanding of what performing as a DJ entails, so I want to take a moment to explain what Kygo—and other DJs—do beyond pressing play and why they are worth the money.

Ethan Kerns | Contributing Writer

WILD Bingo

Cadenza’s not good at making jokes, but we tried to anyway for this semester’s edition of WILD bingo.

The 5 people you meet at WILD

WILD is this weekend! Did you know WILD was this weekend? It’s this weekend! Whether it’s your first or your 15th WILD (wait, how long have you been here?), here’s a run-down of your favorite people you’ll find at WILD.

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WILD preview: Cadenza’s favorite Kygo and Magic Man songs

As WILD approaches, Cadenza shares its picks to get you acquainted with this semester’s artists.

Cadenza reacts to Kygo

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Following the announcement of Kygo as this fall’s WILD headliner, Senior Cadenza Editor Mark Matousek and Music Editor Kendall Carroll react to Social Programming Board’s selection.

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Kygo to headline fall WILD

Electronic dance music artist Kygo, known for his 2014 single “Firestone,” will headline fall WILD, Social Programming Board announced Sunday night.

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