After years of setbacks, Loop Trolley to open

The Loop Trolley connecting the Delmar Loop to Forest Park is set to open Nov. 15 with an opening ceremony after numerous delays, requests for increased funding and concerns raised by small businesses.

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Trolley delays continue, lawsuits led against project

In a lawsuit filed against the Loop Trolley project, plaintiff Peter Sarandos argues that the Loop Trolley tracks extend 300 feet past the designated boundary in St. Louis City and 235 feet past the district’s boundary in University City.

Emma Baker | Staff Reporter

Staff ed: A streetcar named dumb

The Delmar Loop Trolley has obliterated taxpayer funds since it’s inception. It’s time for the people of St. Louis to stop paying for a pet project.

Debate adjacent

As national media, politicians and protesters descend on Washington University’s new Sumers Recreation Center for the quadrennial ceremony of a presidential debate, a different kind of ceremony will be taking place just across the street. And while there are likely to be many dissenters among the debate-faring crowd, one lucky couple will hopefully have none.

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A conversation with Joe Edwards on life, peacocks and rock ’n’ roll history

Joe Edwards, who has a hand in many of the businesses and projects that have made the Delmar Loop one of the top 10 streets in America, has made his life purposeful by improving, not leaving behind, this place he calls home.

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The Young Man and the Diner

Sometimes in the course of human events, people have controversial ideas that are dangerous and should be heavily analyzed before being acted upon. Human cloning, genetically modified food and Uggs are a few of these. Spending 24 hours at the Peacock Diner is another.

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Joe Edwards and the Peacock Diner, a lifelong neon passion

At last, the Peacock Diner will be opening its doors on the Delmar Loop. The first day of business is tentatively set for Parents’ Weekend, Oct. 10.

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Bear Bucks expand to Blueberry Hill

Washington University students are now able to use Bear Bucks at Blueberry Hill. The restaurant and music club located on the Delmar Loop began to accept Bear Bucks shortly before Thanksgiving. Bobo Noodlehouse and Kayak’s Coffee, both located near the north-east corner of campus, have accepted Bear Bucks all semester.

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Loop chairman steps down

The man behind the Delmar Loop revitalization is stepping down from his job as chairman of the board of the Loop Special Business District. Joe Edwards, the owner of Blueberry Hill, the Pin-Up Bowl, the Tivoli Theatre, the Pageant and the Moonrise Hotel publicly announced his resignation last week.

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