Gold Star father Khizr Khan addresses Islamophobia in America

Gold Star father Khizr Khan spoke at the on-campus panel “Speaking Truth to Power,” where panelists discussed discrimination and Islamophobia in America in Wilson Hall Friday, Nov. 3.

Emily Getzoff | Contributing Reporter

The evolution of ‘Orientalism’ with professor Joseph Massad

Professor Joseph Massad of Columbia University, a veteran in the field of modern Arab politics, gave a lecture this past Thursday titled “Between Islamophobia and Homophobia: Gender, Sexuality, and Liberal Engagements with Islam,” which was well-attended by students and faculty.

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Charlie and Me: An American in France, or—’It’s like France’s 9/11’

“It’s like France’s 9/11,” she explained to me. “It is the worst terror attack France has seen in two decades.”

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Students, administration respond to divisive Halloween posting

One by one, Muslim students and their peers passed the microphone to discuss past experiences with racism and Islamophobia. For many of them, these memories resurfaced when a Halloween photo of students costumed in military garb in what some argued was a depiction of Osama bin Laden, others as a stereotypical Muslim at gunpoint, surfaced on Facebook last Wednesday.

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