Icona Pop leads panel on women’s empowerment before WILD

As opener Five Knives took the stage, Icona Pop led a panel discussion about women’s empowerment and leadership as a part of the Campus Consciousness Tour, which partnered with Social Programming Board for this year’s WILD.

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Fall WILD: We loved it

After the day’s festivities, WILDs in the past have always seemed like a bit of an anti-climax. Between the students who don’t make it and those who prefer enjoying the inflatable couches to dancing, the energy never seems to match the hype behind the event. This WILD was noticeably different.

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Into the WILD: Behind the scenes with Social Programming Board

After months of contract negotiations and logistical planning and promotion, all seemed to be well in the hours before Childish Gambino’s headlining performance during this year’s Spring WILD. But it’s the unexpected roadblocks that test the mettle of SPB.

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Go crazy at WILD, but keep these guidelines in mind

It’s that time of the year again—when you can drink in the daytime and feel like you go to a state school for a fleeting afternoon and evening.
WILD is an event that comes with abundant anticipation, and as midterms wind down, it’s a perfect moment for students to let loose. Even while making the day live up to its acronym, keep in mind the following guidelines for remaining a responsible human being.

Icona Pop to headline SLU concert, too

The day before WILD, Icona Pop will headline a concert just four miles to the east of the Danforth campus, at Saint Louis University. But Icona Pop is not the first artist to perform at other venues around St. Louis while also playing at Washington University.

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Duo Icona Pop to headline fall W.I.L.D.

Icona Pop, the Swedish dance-pop duo best known for their 2012 single “I Love It,” will be performing at fall W.I.L.D., Social Programming Board announced Wednesday night.

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Icona Pop will keep the party going ‘All Night’

Social Programming Board announced last night that Icona Pop will headline this year’s fall W.I.L.D. on Oct. 24. While the Swedish dance-pop group might not have been the most inspired choice on SPB’s W.I.L.D. survey, they were probably the most fitting (and obviously the most popular) option, which gives us high hopes for an energetic, crowd-pleasing show.

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Icona Pop announced as W.I.L.D. headliner

Icona Pop, the Swedish dance pop duo best known for its 2012 single “I Love It,” will be performing at fall W.I.L.D., Social Programming Board announced Wednesday night.

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LouFest: The five most memorable shows on Sunday

Over the weekend, Cadenza attended the fourth-ever LouFest, a music festival in Forest Park. Although it was either 90 degrees or pouring rain all weekend, the inclement weather did not stop the many bands from putting on a great show. Here are the five best shows Cadenza saw on Sunday.

LouFest preview – Sunday

St. Louis’ biggest music festival, LouFest, is just around the corner. This year is the first time LouFest has taken place during Washington University’s school year, and the headliners are bigger and better than ever. Cadenza previewed some of its favorite acts performing on the second and final day of the festival, Sunday. The Mowgli’s—12:15-1 p.m.