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A sad goodbye: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ leaves Netflix

Whenever I needed a little comfort in my life, I knew that HIMYM would be there for me.

Katie Bry | Contributing Writer

Procrastination through streaming: A Cadenza guide to binge-watching

With reading week and finals coming up, you’ll certainly find yourself in the library or a study room for hours on end reading notes, making flashcards and finishing up those final papers, but what better way to finish out the semester is there than starting a brand-new television show?

TV Review: ‘Friends With Better Lives’

After the—spoiler alert—terrible ending of “How I Met Your Mother,” I was ready to find another show that could fill the five-person hole in my television-infused heart. Cue “Friends With Better Lives,” which aired directly after HIMYM’s series finale on CBS this Monday, offering up six friends who are trying to become the new MacLaren’s gang.

Elena Wandzilak | TV Editor

What to watch this week: Returning television premieres

Cool weather has finally returned to St. Louis, so the best way to spend your evenings is inside, curled up in front of the TV. Don’t miss your favorite returning shows like “Parks and Recreation” or “How I Met Your Mother.” Cadenza previewed what we think will be the best shows premiering this week.

What to watch on Netflix (when you should be studying)

You’re in Olin Library, pretending to do work on your computer. But really, is being productive that necessary? It’s only Monday. Instead of Facebook stalking or re-reading emails, Cadenza dares you to open a new tab for Netflix. There’s no need to pretend that you actually need to study 12 hours a day; instead, take a few of those hours to start watching, or return to, some of the greatest shows currently on and off television. Here are a few of Cadenza’s favorites; happy reading week, procrastinators!

6 spinoffs that should happen

Just as they did with “Friends” and “Cheers,” NBC is considering taking a semi-lead character from “The Office” and giving him his own vehicle.

| Cadenza Reporter

In defense of…hating Katie Holmes

Let me start out this article by saying that if I mysteriously disappear in the next two weeks, I was most likely kidnapped by the Church of Scientology. Next week on “How I Met Your Mother,” Katie Holmes is slated to appear as the Slutty Pumpkin, thus concluding a running gag that has gone on since the first season of the show.

| Movie/TV Editor

Sick of homework? Watch the fall’s TV lineup

We know you have tons of free time at this university. No homework, right? Cadenza has the solution for you. Over 40 television shows are premiering this week, both new and returning, and we wanted to preview some of the most prominent ones for you. (And yes, we know you have no free time; That’s why we’re being helpful by only describing some of the shows.

‘How I Met Your Mother’

It’s a strategy that’s worked for years. Throw the same funny people into different situations every week and hilarity ensues. Luckily, “How I Met Your Mother” knows how to follow a formula. If you’re not family with HIMYM, the show is about its central character, Ted (Josh Radner), and how he – you guess it – met the mother of his children.

| Cadenza Reporter

The StudLife post football TV guide

The football season is over, and the NFL has relinquished the TV back to those who don’t really care for contact sports. Bye-bye Super Bowl; hello regularly-scheduled programming. Here’s a handy schedule of what you should be watching. Monday House 7 p.m. FOX I always find myself getting drawn toward “House,” and I can’t say […]

| TV Editor