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The sweaters you need to survive the holidays

December 05, 2011 | Ginika Agbim

Sweater dresses are a great way to show off your shape without sacrificing warmth. The silhouettes for this sweater tend to fall into one of two categories: slim or loose-fitting. Whichever shape you prefer, be sure to balance your bottom half by wearing wool tights and boots underneath.

The top trends to incorporate into your wardrobe this spring

January 19, 2011 | Ginika Agbim

It’s important to plan ahead and be on the lookout for the most trendsetting items that will keep you looking amazing this spring. Fortunately, designers showcase spring trends very far in advance, and I’ve created an outline of the top trends and a guide to including them in your warmer-weather wardrobe.

Hot Seams: Flirting with color in your wardrobe

January 22, 2010 | Ginika Agbim

Everyone knows that blacks, grays and browns are the go-to colors for the icy winter months, and for many of us, wearing anything bright or summery just seems out of season and out of place.

Freshman Press: Fashion for the first day of classes

August 25, 2009 | Nicole Liu

According to a psychology survey, most people find the opposite sex more attractive when they are carrying books. This clearly indicates that intelligence can add points to appearance. With classes starting in two days, try out the ready-for-class look and enjoy the fun of being both smart and stylish!

The stiletto’s walk through history

February 13, 2009 | Ginika Agbim

I like high-heeled shoes. In particular, I like ones that seem too difficult to walk in. Four inches, five inches, orange, purple, leather, suede: bring it on. Sometimes these intense heels can even be as high as eight inches. With stats like that, one can’t help but wonder where the idea for these incredible shoes [...]

Fashion in the media

February 06, 2009 | Ginika Agbim

Anyone who has logged onto the Internet, scrolled TV channels searching for a good show or even browsed the magazine aisle at Borders is aware of the simple fact that fashion has invaded all forms of media. Oftentimes you see blogs about what the celebs are wearing, runway photos from New York Fashion Week, the [...]

Fashionology: A guide to dress codes

November 05, 2008 | Ginika Agbim

It’s Fall, which means two things: nice weather and social functions. Your line-up includes two black tie events and one business casual. What does that mean anyway? What are you supposed to wear? Here are some of the most commonly used event dress codes defined just for your benefit. Cut out this section and tape [...]

Hot Seams, Cool Transitions

September 05, 2008 | Ginika Agbim

Cardigans are your best friend As the weather begins to cool and you start to reach for those sweaters and jeans, you may wonder how you can keep wearing your favorite summer dress or that daringly short miniskirt. Here are my top three favorite fall staples used to transition my summer clothes to suit the [...]

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