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Who should host ‘Late Night’ post-Jimmy Fallon

Rumors are swirling that Jimmy Fallon is going to replace Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” next year (at least until Leno decides he wants his old job back and Fallon becomes the new Conan O’Brien). It’s a change we’ve been long awaiting as Leno and his infinite chins are unfunny and not too great at interviews either.

Dear prospective freshmen, a.k.a. prefroshes,

Welcome! We at Student Life, Washington University’s independent student newspaper since 1878, extend the heartiest of handshakes to you—why look; we are already grasping hands—and might we add you have quite a firm grip. Congratulations! You have been admitted to Washington University in St. Louis, and we could not be happier to have you here.

Why you should watch ‘Saturday Night Live’… next week

October promises to be a great month for “Saturday Night Live.” Scarlett Johansson’s hubbie Ryan Reynolds is hosting the first week with the ubiquitous Lady Gaga as the musical guest. After that, Drew Barrymore and Gerard Butler are alternating lead duties, with Regina Spektor and Shakira performing their new singles. A very nice start to the new season of “SNL.”

| Cadenza Reporter