I like ‘Lady Bird’ too much to not write about it before the Oscars

Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece is a coming-of-age classic. Remember the anxiety of senior year, applying to colleges, leaving your mark, making the most of your limited time? Now you don’t need to.

Pranaya Pahwa | Staff Writer

Untold stories: Greta Gerwig on Sacramento and female relationships

For a number of student journalists across the country, these words opened the chance to ask anything of one of the most up-and-coming directors of 2017, Greta Gerwig. Gerwig, writer and director of “Lady Bird,” answered questions about her directorial debut, her inspiration and her process during a student conference call Thursday, Nov. 30.

| Staff Writer

In defense of Ben Stiller in Greenberg

Just how unbearable is Greenberg in Noah Baumbach’s new film “Greenberg”?

| Staff Columnist