Student groups prepare for arrival of Chancellor-elect Martin

As chancellor-elect, Andrew Martin will manage the day-to-day operations of the University. Chancellor Wrighton will continue serving as a liaison to the Board of Trustees, focus on program development and perform ceremonial tasks of the chancellor including spring commencement.

Curran Neenan | Staff Reporter

EPA signs decision to clean West Lake Landfill

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a decision to remove radioactive waste from the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Mo., Sept. 27. Seventy percent of the radioactive waste will be removed from the landfill, which is located about 16 miles northwest of the Danforth Campus.

Jaden Satenstein | Contributing Reporter

WU joins University Climate Change Coalition

Washington University is joining the University Climate Change Coalition (UC3), a network of 17 North American universities with a shared mission to combat climate change.

Curran Neenan | Contributing Reporter

Some members of Green Action call for WU Clean Coal Consortium name change

Green Action, an environmental justice student group, has requested that Washington University’s Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization change its name. But despite Green Action and the University not agreeing on the name, both sides note the necessity for more environmentally friendly energy sources.

Emily Getzoff | Contributing Reporter

Office of Sustainability introduces new thermostat set point policy

Washington University’s Office of Sustainability instituted a new thermostat set point policy designed to increase occupant comfort, energy savings and carbon reductions this summer.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

Wash. U. addresses Fossil Free, will not divest

Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced that Washington University will not divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies in a statement Saturday.

| Senior News Editor

Community members support landfill fire awareness efforts

Green Action will host a panel on Tuesday to discuss efforts set in place to prevent a smoldering underground fire from reaching soil containing WWII-era nuclear waste at the West Lake Landfill in North County.

| Contributing Reporter

Bank of America protests anything but selfish

I have been surprised by the responses written in response to a Green Action protest, an event authors perceived as embarrassing and harmful to student’s “career interests.” As a recent graduate, I am not proud to have attended the same institution which has produced such an unthinking and hypocritical response to an act of social protest.

Alex Kaufman | Class of 2013

Embarrassing stunts reflect poorly on University

Last Wednesday, we too stood alongside Washington University students at the Olin Business School’s Meet the Firms event in the Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center.

Derek Abel & David Dunlay | Class of 2014

Green Action should have chosen better venue

After hearing of Green Action’s protest at the Bank of America recruiting event on campus, I am left thinking less about the environmental consequences of mountaintop coal mining and more about the students whose information session was thwarted.

Kim Gaspar | Class of 2014