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Greek Week returns to campus

A number of factors led to the three-year hiatus of Greek Week—the fact that no one was willing to host it chief among them. The week, which is intended to highlight different elements of Greek life’s focus, including philanthropy and honor, will be making its return to campus next week under the leadership of senior Liz Hay.

Greek week speaker to reduce stress

Greek Week is bringing more than just fun activities to campus; it’s introducing a fun speaker.
Dr. Corey Ciocchetti will be speaking to students in Graham Chapel on Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. in a presentation titled “Under the Influence of Stress.”

| Senior News Editor

Greek Week leaders focus on image

While Greek events may incite precepts of infamous hazing practices or searing images of John Belushi in a toga, Washington University’s Greek members are using this year’s Greek Week to actively fight such stereotypical images that pervade college campuses.

| Senior Scene Editor