Wash. U. to tighten fraternity social event security regulations

Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Austin Sweeney announced he would continue to assess the need for private security at Greek Life events.

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The frats’ worst nightmare: A party girl’s guide to sobriety

So there’s a bangin’, booty-droppin’ rager this Friday night, and everyone just HAS to go. But here’s the catch: You’ve decided to be sober.

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Sexual assault prevention app means well, needs adjustments

This past weekend, a new program, xSoteria, aimed at increasing safety at parties debuted on campus. However, certain issues exist within the app and with how the app interacts with Greek life—and if these aren’t addressed, the app will not achieve nearly as much success as it otherwise can.

App designed to increase bystander intervention debuts at fraternity party

As a way to encourage bystander intervention on campus, three Washington University alumni have designed an app called xSoteria, a chatbot that operates through Facebook Messenger and allows guests at parties to anonymously connect with a risk manager at the venue if they feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Ali Gold | Staff Reporter

New assistant director for fraternity and sorority life to focus on community, visibility

Austin Sweeney, currently a sexual and relationship violence prevention specialist at Washington University, will step into his new role at the University as assistant director of fraternity and sorority life Sept. 5.

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Campus Life releases Greek life survey comparing WU to other institutions

In an effort to understand how Washington University Greek life compares to other universities and which areas of the Greek life system need improvement, Campus Life released a survey to all students in fraternities and sororities the week before spring break.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

Our ideal big-little week

It’s that time of year again folks: sororities’ “big-little” weeks are upon us, as are the infinite amounts of baked goods, Facebook posts, cover photos, Snapchat videos and whatever else you can think of that comes with this beloved tradition. Since many of us at Forum will have to miss out on this process, we thought it would be nice to write about our own ideal “big-little” week.

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Sorority recruitment fee stays the same despite no early housing costs

Despite the Office of Residential Life keeping housing options open over winter break, the $100-$125 fee for women to go through the sorority recruitment process, part of which takes place during the latter stages of the break, will not be reduced as the Women’s Panhellenic Association was not informed of the changes to Residential Life policy until mid-November.

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Sigma Phi Epsilon to recolonize four years after dismissal

Four years after being disbanded for undisclosed violations of both Washington University and national fraternity policy, the Beta chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity will return to Washington University this semester, participating in fall rush to begin the process of recolonizing their organization.

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Sigma Chi restructures final ‘Derby Days’ events, WPA encourages sororities to participate

Following the cancellation of events deemed inappropriate in fraternity Sigma Chi’s annual philanthropy week, the Women’s Panhellenic Association (WPA) decided to revise their earlier position, which discouraged sororities from participating.

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