Four years after Schlafly, Wash. U to award Gloria Steinem honorary degree

Renowned feminist, writer and political activist Gloria Steinem will be one of six people to receive an honorary degree from Washington University at commencement this May.

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Steinem among 6 to receive honorary degrees

Gloria Steinem, the renowned feminist and co-founder of Ms. Magazine, will be one of six people to receive honorary degrees from Washington University this year. The other recipients will be Richard Mahoney, the retired chair and CEO of Monsanto; C.

What is feminism? Gloria Steinem still knows

Student Life’s Kat Zhao sat down with renowned feminist Gloria Steinem to discuss the female experience in modern-day America. Student Life: What are some of the biggest challenges facing women today? Gloria Steinem: You can call it, in general, a sexual caste system.

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Take a break from studying for some worthwhile events

We were gratified to see Graham Chapel’s seats filled this past Thursday for Matisyahu’s phenomenal performance. Given the amount of work we all have around this time, it’s great to see our fellow students prioritizing extra-curriculars beyond drinking. As the semester enters its most stressful period, so many exciting events are coming to campus.