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Teeing off: Angelica Harris putts for WU and with George W. Bush

Angelica Harris, flanked by award-winning producer Ken Whitney, PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem and former President George W. Bush.

| Senior Editor

Security depends on STEM students

Last week, a panel sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations released a report stating that “American security” was at stake if we, as a nation, do not improve our education system. The panel was headed by Condoleezza Rice, former secretary of state under President George W. Bush, and a former chancellor of the New York City school system, Joel Kline.

| Staff Columnist

A beer in the hand is worth two with Bush

Let’s just say that after the week I’ve had, I almost wouldn’t mind having a beer with George W. Bush. I’d look him square in the squinty eye, then casually slap down a fiver and say, “Mr. President, it’s been nice and all, but I think we should go bipartisan on this one.”

| Staff Columnist

Rove analyzes political scene on eve of election

Speaking to a packed Graham Chapel Monday night, conservative political analyst and former White House advisor Karl Rove spoke about the current election cycle, giving credence to his career with the Republican party by questioning the experience of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Rove, who gained his reputation by guiding President George […]