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March Madness: 5 TV events to finish out the month

Luckily for procrastinators, there are still almost two weeks of March left, and that fortnight is filled with exciting television events to keep you occupied and away from the books. Here are five of the best.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

FOX’s new show ‘Mulaney’ sets out to revitalize the sitcom

John Mulaney is stepping into a massive tradition with his new sitcom, “Mulaney,” which premieres on FOX Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9:30/8:30c. He’s a successful standup comedian who has now turned to creating his own sitcom with an eponymous title and character, as well as a multi-camera format (meaning several cameras are used simultaneously to record). That’s a lot of pressure to take on, especially with so many eponymous sitcoms featuring standup comedians as examples.

| Staff Writer

FOX’s ‘Gotham’ looks to continue Batman craze

“Gotham” looks to emulate Nolan’s grim tone and achieves it in its own right by the end of the pilot episode.

| Staff Writer

‘Red Band Society’ gets a big red F

Although this show tries to stick out from the norm by pioneering a setting rarely seen on TV—a pediatric ward—it doesn’t accomplish what it intends to due to its obvious intention to avoid any real drama.

| Staff Writer

New TV shows to fall in love with: Part I

Fall is soon to be upon us, and with the changing of the leaves comes new television pilots as well. With more than 30 different shows premiering, Cadenza chose its most anticipated pilots to preview. This is part 1 of our fall TV preview. “Dads” Fox, Sept.

Cadenza Staff

Discovering the galaxy (not so) far, far away: Spotlighting Sam Fox Art School fashion design students

As we are surrounded at Wash. U. by students embedded in the world of science, politics and business, the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts may seem like a galaxy far, far away.

| Scene Reporter

Why Cable Television Needs Glenn Beck

Political television is boring. Most correspondents are bland, “just the facts, ma’am” types, forbidden from offering any commentary whatsoever.

Mark Matousek

The ivory soapbox: Democratic Hate Machine

The “Republican Hate Machine” is an idea that has been floated by liberals for more than a decade to describe what are perceived as slimy, Republican tactics. The idea is that a combination of right-wing media (we’re looking at you, Fox) and Republican attack ads unfairly smear Democrats on a personal level and draw voters’ attention away from the issues at hand.

| Staff Columnist

“The Mindy Project”

[rating stars=4]
Sept. 25, 8:30 p.m.

After I watched the pilot for FOX’s new comedy “The Mindy Project,” I had only one question.

TV renewals: Will they or won’t they? Should they or should they not?

Network TV schedules usually seem really crowded at the end of the school year, with the full-season shows finishing up their runs while the mid-season replacements struggle to conclude their seasons by the end of May sweeps. As such, it’s time for a little clearing of the schedule to get rid of shows that shouldn’t exist anymore and make room for next season’s biggest hits. Here’s my take on 14 shows that premiered in the 2011-2012 season, excluding already-renewed shows like “New Girl,” “Smash” and “2 Broke Girls” and already-canceled shows like “Terra Nova.”