Les Miserables to play at the Fabulous Fox Theatre

The national tour of the Broadway show “Les Miserables,” with stunning direction by Laurence Connor, will be playing at St. Louis’ Fabulous Fox Theatre Dec. 11-16.

Jordan Coley | Staff Writer

Q&A: Bill Burr leans into generational gaps

ill Burr is out of touch, and he knows it. The stand-up comedian and co-creator of the semi-autobiographical television show, “F Is for Family,” (which premiered on Netflix in December 2015) uses his work to explore and highlight the cultural differences between generations and the friction that arises between them.

| Staff Writer

Plan your best birthday bash

They say it’s your birthday… you’re gonna have a good time. But celebrating in style doesn’t always seem easy in St. Louis.

| Scene Reporter

City Diner at the Fox

City Diner at the Fox is the most convenient and coveted place to eat before or after seeing a musical at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. You can come in, sit down and enjoy your experience out for a cheap price.

| Stepping Out Columnist

“Shrek the Musical”

The set was green and mossy, the audience was a sea of Shrek-ears, and for three exhausting hours this past Sunday…, “Shrek the Musical” tried its hardest to ruin our childhoods.

| Senior Cadenza Editors

The Haps: The Fabulous Fox Theatre

Let’s be honest, St. Louis is not exactly known for its theatrical offerings. We don’t have dozens and dozens of theaters like Broadway or London’s West End, but we do have the Fox Theatre on 527 N. Grand Blvd. This year’s shows include “Mamma Mia,” “Grease,” “In the Heights” and “Avenue Q,” among many other plays and concerts.

| Scene Events Columnists

Death Cab for Cutie doesn’t pay the same old fare

The Oct. 13 Death Cab for Cutie concert at the Fox Theatre felt like an evening with an altogether different band. In contrast with mellow performances of the past, the show was characterized by movement, energy and excitement, a result of the new sound of their latest release, “Narrow Stairs.”

| Cadenza Reporter