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A first-year’s guide to restaurants, study spots and more

From food recommendations to where to buy those last-minute dorm room supplies, I have all the right answers! OK, in all honesty, I had major help from some more experienced Washington University students because, let’s face it, I’m pretty much as clueless as you are.

Christine Watridge | Freshman Press Writer

Matt’s Morsels: Green with envy for those vegetables

Vegetables, veggies, that green stuff. Whatever you call it, plants have a crucial role in human diet and are critical in keeping us healthy.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Columnist

A taste of Europe in St. Louis: Exploring the STL food scene

While it is no longer owned by France, the effects of St. Louis’ French founding can be seen today. Check out Nathaniel Reid Bakery in Kirkwood.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Writer

Fresher food for Freshman Press: Ranking pre-orientation meals

It may be hard to believe, but incoming freshmen need more energy and fuel than the average Bear.

Morayo Oginni | Contributing Writer

Treasure hunt on Hampton Ave

Growing up, I had all the normal desserts in my lunch box—cookies, cupcakes, even the pre-packaged ones like Cosmic Brownies and Swiss Rolls. There was just one I didn’t have: Twinkies.

| Managing Editor

Food truck initiative may continue into fall, Ibby’s halts to-go service

After beginning its food truck pilot program this spring, Dining Services will meet at the end of the semester to the potential of continuing it into next fall.

| News Editor

Which DUC food station are you?

’m not sure what my favorite DUC station is, and I’m definitely not sure which one’s your favorite, but I can probably tell you which one you are.

| Editor-in-Chief

From food truck to restaurant: Guerrilla Street Food successfully offers original, Filipino-inspired dishes

Student Life’s food editor explores Filipino-inspired dishes at Guerrilla Street Food.

Brock Workman | Food Editor

(alternative) Mexican food

Many Washington University students are comfortable utilizing the Mexican food options available north of campus in the El Maguey and Mi Ranchito restaurants. But St. Louis has a selection of other restaurants that provide different experiences from the locations that Wash. U. students tend to frequent.

Brock Workman | Food Editor

Health Hacks Timeline

It is National Nutrition Month! Time to put away those chips and pizzas and chocolates, and get healthy. Don’t know where to start? Worry not, this Health Hacks Timeline has some good ideas for healthy swaps that can get you through the day.

| Culture Editor