First Year Center utilizes new events app for Bear Beginnings

Washington University has created a new scheduling app, called “WashUEvents,” for this year’s Bear Beginnings, a program that introduces incoming freshmen to campus life, University expectations and some of their 1,878 new classmates.

Zachary Berman | Contributing Reporter

FYC app leads first year students and parents through orientation

In an attempt to modernize the orientation process and eliminate the need to distribute pamphlets, the First Year Center (FYC) introduced an app designed to help freshmen navigate through Bear Beginnings.

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New residence hall to join Umrath, house First Year Center

On the site of the former Rubelmann Hall, a new building is being constructed—but it’s not a new Ruby. The building will be an extension of the already-standing Umrath House, and will share Umrath’s name. Administrators hope that connecting the buildings will help freshmen living in the Residential College interact more.

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Small Pre-O’s help with college adjustment, open doors for freshmen

Little did I know, when I chose to participate in the “World of Politics” Pre-Orientation program, how much that experience would improve my experience as a freshman. Unfortunately, due to the new 20-participant rule put in place by the First Year Center, future freshmen may not have the same opportunity as I did.

Scott Solomon | Class of 2019

Every student, same story: The demise of pre-orientation at the hands of the First Year Center

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: You can imagine my surprise when I heard that my Bear Beginnings, my foundation for a successful collegiate experience, is threatened by the First Year Center, which announced last week that any pre-orientation program with fewer than 20 students enrolled by June 15 would be cancelled.

| Class of 2014

FYC decision detrimental to freshman experience, breaks trust with student leaders

In an announcement to student pre-orientation leaders, the First Year Center made it known that for the upcoming year they plan to cut any pre-orientation program that does not have 20 students signed up by June 15, 2016. We at Student Life can’t help but wonder why the FYC is going to such great lengths to limit student experience, something that the center supposedly champions.

Note from the editor

In today’s news section, you will find a story entitled “FYC makes plan to cancel small pre-o programs.” It should be noted that Student Life has been running a small pre-orientation program known as Freshman Press for around 20 years, and therefore, there is not a single member of our editorial staff who does not feel strongly about the implications of the First Year Center’s decision.

| Editor-In-Chief

FYC makes plan to cancel small pre-o programs

As part of this year’s Bear Beginnings changes, longtime performance “Choices” was removed from orientation week. Next year’s incoming class is poised to have fewer choices for its pre-orientation schedule, too.

and | Student Life Editors

First 40 should offer wider selection of programming, de-emphasize floor community

As with any major life transition, becoming acclimated to a new environment is challenging. The administration at Washington University recognizes this difficulty and programs events accordingly to help ease in the new students. These events—known as the First 40—are not without their problems, though.

First Year Reading Program adds writing assignment

In an effort to improve the quality of First Year Reading Program (FYRP) discussions, new students had to complete a mandatory writing assignment about the First Year Reading book on Blackboard.

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