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Physics department looks to add female faculty

In the 13 years that Mark Alford has been the chair of Washington University’s physics department, few women have held a tenured or tenure-track professorship. Currently, that number is zero.

| Senior News Editor

Female approved porn

In a day and age where porn grosses an estimated $14 billion annually in the United States alone, and an estimated $97 billion worldwide, sex consumption out-monies the vast majority of industries, including top-grossing Hollywood movies such as “Avatar” and “Gone with the Wind.” Statistics reported by Family Safe Media state that 42.7 percent of Internet users view porn—nearly half!

| Sex Columnist

Goddess Gatherings are getting going

The f-word is being thrown around in the supposedly peaceful campus co-op. No, not that f-word. Feminism. Tucked away in the Washington University Cooperative is a group that hosts Goddess Gatherings to discuss issues of femininity and women’s rights.

| News Editor