A guide to turtlenecks

Turtlenecks can always be incorporated into your wardrobe in some capacity. They can work on everyone, from French models to my weird boss at the tool company I was once desperate enough to work at.

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Street Style: Minimalist layers and more

Even when you don’t have time for lots of preparation, you can still impress during your first few weeks of classes, like those featured in this week’s Street Style. So pull the clothes out of your dresser, put your hair down and get ready for a fashionable semester.

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Street style

With recent drops in temperature, you have to be ready for winter at any second. And judging by the massive amount of complaints I’ve been hearing, most people are not.

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St. Louis Fashion Week comes to Sam Fox School

You may have noticed a slew of high heels and designer purses around the Sam Fox side of campus this past Saturday. No need to worry—there was no explosion in the design studios. However, the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts did host Saint Louis Fashion Week’s Midwest Fashion conference.

Maisie Heine and Lindsay Tracy | Contributing Writers

How to make your fall less ‘basic’

Yes, last week I wrote about where to find all the pumpkin treats that your basic heart desires. However, this week I will take a reverse stance. Here are some suggestions to keep yourself from falling into the basic trap.

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Fashion for confused weather

Any Washington University student knows that St. Louis weather can be…difficult. Here are a few key pieces that will ease you through this climatic identity crisis.

Maisie Heine | Contributing Writer

Your First 40 Freak-outs: Is this frat-appropriate?

With the Meet the Greeks event this Friday, fraternities are opening their doors to freshmen for the first time this school year. . Let this article help you escape an upperclassman’s cynical Yik Yak shoutout.

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Fall Fashion Preview

Fall has unexpectedly arrived, if only for a short time, leading us all to pull out sweaters and boots from the back of our closets. While temperatures will surely surge back, this week’s fall preview leads one to wonder which fall fashion trends will dominate.

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Your First 40 freak-outs: What to wear

Before coming to Washington University, I had worn the same green plaid skirt every day of my school career. But even those who didn’t wear a uniform in high school are probably wondering if there is some unofficial uniform on the Wash. U. campus. The answer is no.

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Street Style No. 3: Danielle Leventhal

Name: Danielle Leventhal Year: Sophomore Majors: Art and Art History Hometown: Westchester, NY As cliched as it is, fashion functions as a means of expression. Research suggests that dressing well—or at least, wearing something that you think looks good—increases your confidence and academic performance. So whether you wake up walking on sunshine and radiating glitter […]

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