Tyler’s Wardrobe Watch: Cleanin’ out my closet

If you are a person who has never put thought into your style before, the best place to start is to take inventory of what you already have.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

Emma Rubinson: Washington University’s next top designer

Washington University sophomore Emma Rubinson made fashion history last week as the youngest designer featured in the Pins & Needles by Brainchild fashion competition. Her stunning eight-piece collection RESONANCE wowed the crowd with its deep wine red and navy coloring, winning her the People’s Choice Award.

Leah Hardgrove | Contributing Writer

Get WILD: How to mix up your style (or not) for WILD 2018

WILD usually brings out a variety of outfits, ranging from Coachella-esque looks to the typical brightly colored jersey. Scene’s here to tell you what we’re thinking of wearing!

Sam Fox seniors to showcase capstone collections in 89th annual fashion show

Sam Fox School seniors majoring in fashion design will showcase their capstone collections in the school’s 89th Annual Fashion Design Show April 15.

Aiden Blinn | News Editor

‘I be on my suit and tie’: Chancellor Wrighton’s style evolution

Mark Wrighton’s taste in fashion and style have remained rock-solid throughout all these years, as you will see from these carefully sourced pictures of Wrighton dug up out of the Student Life photo archives.

| Staff Writer

Hot styles for hot days: Trends on the Danforth campus

To jump onto the bandwagon of fashion trends at Wash. U. (or to avoid wearing the same outfit as your suitemate), keep on reading. 

Jillian Shah | Contributing Writer

Style spotlight: A chat with Spanish instructor Angela Maria Rodriguez Moreno

Angela Maria Rodriguez Moreno’s vibrant wardrobe greets me every time I walk into Spanish 201.

Sara Braun | Contributing Writer

A white guy’s spring fashion guide

With an onslaught of salmon-colored shorts expected to take campus by storm next week, we at Student Life feel it’s important to offer our best fashion tips for white guys this spring season.

| Staff List

Accessorize your way into fall: 5 pieces to spice up an outfit

As over-involved, over-worked, over-everything students, we tend to put getting dressed up near the end of the priorities list. Instead of taking time to plan an outfit, throw on one of these currently trendy pieces to feel instantly more put together.

| Staff Writer

Get funky with it: Funkadelic fall fashion ideas

Ah, the ’70s. The era of disco balls, the “Saturday Night Live” heyday, lava lamps and a little “Lucy in Sky with Diamonds” at the local reading of “Sisterhood is Powerful.” If you talk to people who actually lived during the groovy days, you may receive varied anecdotes such as, “You know, it’s all kind of a fuzzy, tie-dyed blur,” or, “I lived through it once and once was enough, thank you very much.”

| Staff Writer