From Comic Con to Emerson Auditorium, the Aristocats are charging ahead

Comic Con came to St. Louis two weekends ago, bringing TV stars such as Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead”) and Evan Peters (“American Horror Story”) alongside its usual slate of cosplay, superheroes and video game enthusiasts. However, a slightly more unconventional guest also made an appearance: the Aristocats, Washington University’s Disney-themed a cappella group, who performed four 30-minute sets over the course of the weekend.

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Do we need more live-action films? And other concerns

Let’s whine about live-action features.

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Mosaic Whispers take Downtown Disney

Over spring break, the Mosaic Whispers, Washington University’s oldest coed a cappella group, performed at the Waterside Stage in Downtown Disney through the Disney Performing Arts program.

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A look at ‘Frozen’’s contemporary spin on happily ever after

Warning: This article contains spoilers. “The cold never bothered me anyway” is certainly not the sentiment among students walking around in 5-degree weather, yet the words of Queen Elsa in Disney’s newest animated movie, “Frozen,” have certainly struck a chord in the hearts and minds of the student body.

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‘John Carter’ Goes to Mars, and What a Trip It Was

Tomorrow, Disney will release its newest live-action film, “John Carter,” which stars Taylor Kitsch as the titular John Carter, a Civil War veteran who inexplicably finds himself transported to Mars. I participated in a conference call with Kitsch and director Andrew Stanton (“WALL-E,” “Finding Nemo”) to provide you with a little information about the film.

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Point/Counterpoint: Disney Re-releases in 3D

With the astounding success of the re-release of “The Lion King” in 3D, Disney has announced that it will bring four more classics back to the big screen. Viewers can first expect “Beauty and the Beast” to show up this January, followed by “Finding Nemo” in September 2012, “Monsters, Inc.” in January 2013 and “The Little Mermaid” in September 2013.

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Disney flash mob in the DUC

The Aristocats, the all-Disney campus a capella group, and friends performed a spontaneous rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to celebrate the upcoming release of Toy Story 3 on June 18, 2010.

Lessons I learned from Disney Channel Original Movies

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge proponent of the “High School Musical” franchise—well, besides the second one. Anything involving Zac Efron and musical numbers gets my seal of approval. However, the rest of the Disney Channel’s recent lineup of original films sounds horrendous (“Dadnapped”? Really?).

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The intellectual property racket

The Disney Movie Appreciation Club, an organization that was set up with the goal of providing an outlet to relieve overly stressed students, had to be closed down recently due to potential license infringement.

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Top 10 types of songs to blast on your freshman floor

Welcome to Wash U, incoming freshman! You are about to be thrown into a pressure cooker of arts and entertainment, surrounded by culture 24/7. And some of that taste is more highly valued than others. Make sure you grab your place in the musical hierarchy early on with these simple playlist suggestions.

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