Martin entertains in comedy show

“If you want to know how the world really sees you, it would be the second thing somebody says to describe you to someone else.” Comedian Demetri Martin shared this and many other observations with the students filling Graham Chapel during the Social Programming Board’s spring comedy show Monday night.

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Top 10 Demetri Martin Jokes

One year away from graduating from the New York University School of Law (which he was attending on a full scholarship), Demetri Martin thought he would better serve society as a comedian and thus dropped out. And even though everyone initially told him it was a bad idea, we think his life turned out just […]

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Taking Woodstock

“Go see what the center of the universe looks like,” one character says to another in Ang Lee’s “Taking Woodstock.” And the film is just that, a look into the center of American culture in 1969. But “Taking Woodstock” does not solely focus on the festival itself, as Michael Wadleigh’s documentary “Woodstock” does. Instead, more attention is given to the lead-up to the festival and the true story of the family who brought it to Bethel, N.Y.

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