Screaming into the void: What we want to replace Doughocracy on the Loop

With the closing of multiple eateries on the Loop, Scene Staff is in mourning.

Staff ed: A streetcar named dumb

The Delmar Loop Trolley has obliterated taxpayer funds since it’s inception. It’s time for the people of St. Louis to stop paying for a pet project.

Bear Discounts plans to expand vendors, clientele

Bear Discounts, a Washington University student-run business and member of the Student Entrepreneurial Program, plans on adding more vendors in the Delmar Loop, Clayton, the Central West End and downtown St. Louis areas.

Julia Arbanas | Contributing Reporter

University not billed for the Lofts’ property taxes by St. Louis County

Washington University has not received a property tax bill for the Delmar Loft residential properties from St. Louis County since its opening, as reported by an article in the St. Louis Business Journal.

Emma Baker | Contributing Reporter

Lipstick and lingerie: ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ brings eccentricity to the Loop

The quirkiness of “Rocky Horror” brought in people from all over St. Louis; in fact, the Tivoli was sold out.

| Staff Writer

Protesters take to Loop after Stockley verdict

Protests broke out on the Delmar Loop Saturday following the acquittal of Jason Stockley, a white former St. Louis police officer who was found not guilty of murdering Anthony Lamar Smith, a 24-year-old black man, while on duty in December 2011.

Sam Seekings, Chalaun Lomax and Olivia Szymanski | News Editors

Students move into Everly on the Loop despite controversy

Washington University students began to move in to Everly on the Loop, a new luxury housing development, as early as August 1—despite its controversial construction on Delmar Loop.

| News Editor

Students criticize new Everly on the Loop development on social media

A number of Washington University students and alumni have taken to social media in recent weeks to criticize the construction, leasing practices and advertising of the new Everly on the Loop housing development.

| Staff Reporter

RIB (Rest in Burrito): A eulogy for the Delmar Loop Chipotle

On Monday, The Riverfront Times reported that the Chipotle on the Delmar Loop is closing its doors at the end of the month. It’s not part of the trend of high restaurant turnover on the Loop due to financial troubles; it’s because the lease for the space is up, and Chipotle is choosing to relocate to a new more convenient space nearby.

| Senior Scene Editor

A new beginning with Shawarma King on the Delmar Loop

The end of Melville Avenue intersecting Delmar Boulevard has been a spot of much recent restaurant turnover—in the last year, Zippy Burger, Moya Grill and 8 Dollar Deli have all come and gone. Still, that hasn’t deterred Muhammad Alsalem, the owner the latest restaurant to occupy the space, Shawarma King.

| Staff Writer