Stolen computers recovered in under 12 hours

Washington University police arrested two men in connection with a case of burglary in the Seigle Hall computer lab last week. The police department found a computer that matched the description of the missing ones on Craigslist. WUPD started communications with the sellers, pretending that they were interested in purchasing the computer.

| Senior News Editor

Letter to the Editor: The facts behind St. Louis’ crime rate

The publications that you mention in your Dec 2 article and editorial did indeed report St. Louis to have the nation’s highest crime rate, and they also failed to explain this rather odd finding. So just how did St. Louis get to be so dangerous? The short answer is that it didn’t.

Glenn Davis Stone | Professor

St. Louis: ‘Most dangerous,’ but still our city

The issue St. Louis recently reclaimed its spot as the most dangerous city in the United States, according to CQ press. Every year, the discussion comes down to one essential question: Can crime rankings truly capture a representative portrait of a city?

St. Louis ranked again as most dangerous city

Though Washington University undergraduates in general feel safe near campus, St. Louis is once again the nation’s most dangerous city, a national research group has found. The CQ Press report from Nov. 22 named the city America’s most dangerous for the second time in five years.

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New crime stats released

Burglaries on campus fell sharply and off-campus ones nearly doubled between 2008 to 2009, according to new statistics on crime at Washington University. The statistics, whose public release is mandated by the Clery Act of 1991, show four different categories of university crime levels over a three-year period.

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Student robbed on Kingsbury

A male student was robbed Wednesday evening on Kingsbury Boulevard near Kingsland Avenue. The victim was walking on Kingsbury alone at approximately 7:20 p.m. when three people walking in the opposite direction to the victim disrupted the victim’s walk. One suspect hit him and another suspect took his backpack.

| News Editor

Methodology flawed in safety rankings

The methodology with which The Daily Beast approached its rankings of the most dangerous colleges is inherently flawed, and thus we feel that our position in these rankings is invalid, and not an accurate representation of campus safety or of the opinions of our student body.

Recent crimes highlight need to restrict ID card issuance

Following recent crimes that took place in very close proximity to campus, local police arrested Jeremiah McMillon for charges of theft and assault. Disturbingly, McMillon was in possession of a Wash. U. ID card, which was issued to him in July after he registered for the University College, leading us to question the ID issuance policy.

Our University could be safer

Washington University can set in place practically whatever policies it wants. That much is not up for debate. They banned guns, so for now let’s get over it. The question comes down to whether the school has taken measures that are effective in protecting students and whether its policies are illogical if not harmfully vague.

| Forum Editor

Arrests made in attacks; suspect connected to WU

The man arrested Monday in connection to the robbery of two Washington University students had been issued a Washington University identification card over the summer and was spotted on campus posing as a transfer student just days before the attacks. The Clayton Police Department arrested 23-year-old Jeremiah McMillon, a North St. Louis resident, for the sexual assault of a University of Missouri-St. Louis student earlier Monday morning in Byron Place in Clayton.

| Student Life Staff