‘Improved’ police districts fail to reflect city realities

Two weeks ago, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson announced a plan to reorganize city police districts. Following last year’s ballot initiative to return control of the municipal police department to city hands, Dotson was able to reduce the number of police districts from the state-mandated nine districts to what he feels is a more reasonable six.

Gunshots allegedly fired near University Terrace

University City police are investigating about 10 gunshots allegedly fired by the corner of Interdrive and Clemens Avenue Sunday evening. Police would not comment on the investigation, but nearby residents said the shots were fired in two bursts just before 9 p.m.

| Senior News Editor

Cluster of off-campus daytime robberies cause student safety concerns

Two armed robberies within a mile of the Danforth Campus in the last several days have left students increasingly aware of off-campus safety issues. Both robberies happened during the day, one at gunpoint and the other involving a pocket knife.

| Senior News Editor

Cell phone stolen at Forsyth and Skinker

A female walking on Forsyth Boulevard was robbed of her cell phone at approximately 1:50 p.m. Tuesday. According to the St. Louis Metro Police Department, the robbery took place on the sidewalk outside the Forsyth School. The victim was not associated with Washington University. The victim was not harmed, and no weapon was used.

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Robbery on Washington Avenue

University City police are investigating a robbery by the 6800 block of Washington Ave. that happened early Saturday morning. Around 1:15 a.m., a student was approached by a man who demanded his wallet and revealed a handgun concealed under his shirt.

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On-campus sex offenses rose in 2011, despite decrease in crime overall

Crime reported on the Danforth Campus has generally decreased over the four years up to 2011, despite an increase in cited forcible sex offenses and the first reported on-campus hate crime in several years, according to new statistics released by Washington University.

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The real Loop problem

While reading Matthew Curtis’s column in Monday’s paper, “The need for self-defense on [sic] the Loop,” I was stirred with quite a bit of emotion. I was happy that the column was published because it caused me to reflect on why I felt so strongly about what it was saying.

Bram Sable-Smith | op-ed Submission

Stay sensible when breaking the bubble

The Delmar Loop is a major draw for the car-less and lazy at Wash. U. who haven’t quite graduated to the Central West End. A short walk from main campus, it provides a gastronomic haven for those sick of half-and-halfs, along with smoke shops for those who indulge and a brief respite from the cloistered Wash. U.

| Forum Editor

Stolen computers recovered in under 12 hours

Washington University police arrested two men in connection with a case of burglary in the Seigle Hall computer lab last week. The police department found a computer that matched the description of the missing ones on Craigslist. WUPD started communications with the sellers, pretending that they were interested in purchasing the computer.

| Senior News Editor

Letter to the Editor: The facts behind St. Louis’ crime rate

The publications that you mention in your Dec 2 article and editorial did indeed report St. Louis to have the nation’s highest crime rate, and they also failed to explain this rather odd finding. So just how did St. Louis get to be so dangerous? The short answer is that it didn’t.

Glenn Davis Stone | Professor