Our dream course listings: Classes we want to see

All the weird, wacky and wonderful courses we wish were offered at Wash. U.

Registration nightmare for freshmen, better than alternatives

While final papers are soon due and exams are just around the corner, Washington University students are first faced with another stressful (and perhaps more daunting) task: course registration for fall 2016.

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Stop worrying about the wait-list, take these classes instead

Registration season is here again, meaning many students will be rushing to their computers every morning to check the wait-list for that one class everybody wants to take. Student Life would like to offer an alternative to all that hoping and waiting: a list of classes you can wedge into your schedule that we think will give you some great experiences.

Updated course website offers revamped appearance, new functions

A revamped course listings website featuring a new layout and improved functionality went live last week to mixed reactions. Due to a push for the course guide to be greener, Washington University felt that, after printing fewer and fewer copies of the physical book each year, it could finally be phased out but not without a major overhaul of the website.

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The course registration system should be more fair

Last week, I, along with many other Washington University students, registered for classes for the fall semester. When I logged into WebSTAC Wednesday morning, I found that the section of Argumentation that I wanted to take was full. This of course created a total last-second rearranging of my schedule.

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