The best academics in America come with the 928th-best price tag: The Daily Beast

For the few who can afford it, Washington University may be among the best schools in America, according to provocative new rankings by The Daily Beast. In a new ranking of about 2,000 colleges, Washington University ranked as 41st overall, taking into account future earnings, affordability and graduation rate.

| Senior News Editor

Think before you print

When I went to pick up my printing in the Dauten lab, there was a sign on the printer telling me that by printing 22,000 sheets, we had emitted more than 400 pounds of carbon, used up almost a third of a tree and used enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for 6,500 hours. “Think before you print,” the sign exhorted. So, I am thinking, and here are my thoughts. I don’t like having to pay for printing.

| Staff Columnist