Con Council overturns Senate disqualifications

Student Union’s Constitutional Council has chosen to reverse freshman Election Commissioner Steven Kish’s decision to disqualify two SU Senate candidates—freshmen Nathan Card and Mia Hamernik—in an opinion released Friday.

| Staff Reporter

Con Council completes SU investigation, does not go forward with recall process

After investigating potentially anti-Semitic and sexually inappropriate comments made by Student Union officers, Constitutional Council decided not to go forward with the recall process by a vote of 4-1.

| Senior News Editor

What’s in a signature?

Junior Trevor Mattea, bottom-left, testified before Student Union Constitution Council late Tuesday night as one of his supporters held a sign that says ‘Give the People What They Want’ with 900 tally marks. The Constitutional Council held a fact-finding session in order to define what constituted a valid signature and whether a petition can be split up into multiple items on the ballot.

| Staff Reporter